Pick Out A Restaurant From These Four Great Pensacola FL Establishments

While Pensacola FL only has around 50,000 residents, the greater metro area has almost half a million. This City of Five Flags has a ton of great places to eat, and we have been looking at many of them together so far. From seafood to steak to Mexican cuisine, burgers and much more, Pensacola certainly has it all. Let’s take a peek at four more wonderful restaurants in P-Cola so that you can find your next meal.

Carmen’s Lunch Bar is in the downtown area on South Palafox Street. You can enjoy this restaurant ‘tapas’ style or however you like. Kale salad, soda bread and Mexican shrimp are a few items you will see on the menu. There is a North Carolina Barbecue sandwich on the menu, and people talk about the chicken salad sandwich, too. The menu for this place seems really unique, especially with all of the seafood options, including the crab melt.

Apple Annie’s is another cool place to try, and it features a soup, salad and dessert bar. If you are in Pensacola looking for soup and salad for lunch, this is your spot. It is also a great spot for steak, and get this, they serve up great friend chicken as well. It looks like the menu for this place is about as extensive as Carmen’s Lunch Bar.

By the way, the fried chicken is said to be a Monday special at Apple Annie’s so it fried chicken is what you are looking for, that’s the day. Flora-Bama Lounge is up next, and it is on Perdido Key Drive. This place features an outdoor deck, and it is a bar and lounge. It is especially popular for lunch and an ocean view, and a delicious burger and fries is what seems to be one of the most popular menu choices. Reviews say that this place has been around for decades.

Cactus Flower Care is on North 12th Avenue, and it is known for its tortilla soup, Mexican salads, fish tacos and more. This is a California style establishment the reviews say, which is a little different and unique compared to other places you will find in Pensacola FL. This restaurant is by the Boardwalk, an that is a place you will want to visit while in Pensacola, too. There are some great meals to be had at these top notch restaurants in Pensacola, and you will soon find out.